Britsh Heritage at the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Having done Amelia Island once before, it was absolute necessity for 2014, rivaling the best from Pebble Beach and around the world.

While this year wasn’t particularly focused on British cars, there was plenty to see:

Tom & Nita Fuller from Lakewood Ohio brought out this freshly restored 1963 Aston Martin DB4 Convertible chassis DB4/C/1071/L. It is one of the few DB4s that came with the Special Series engine making it one of the rarest Aston Martin road cars. Looked lovely restored back to its original color scheme.

After getting familiar with Gary Porter’s Lagonda 2.6 which lives in Sidney, it was nice to see another one at a major concours. Paul & Nadine Knowlton won a class award for this Drophead Coupe which was fastidiously restored by RTM Restorations with much guidance from Gary Porter!

Class SC – Sports Cars (Pre-War – 1949) was completely filled with Britsh Sports Cars. In order is a Frazer Nash, 1936 MG PB, 1936 MG NB Magenette and 1933 Woseley Horney Special.

Peter Heydon, who has one of the world’s best collection of Morgans brought out this 1958 Aston Martin DB MarkIII chassis AM300/3/1734. Looks splendid with its matching British plates and RHD config.

One of the most striking closed Derby Bentleys is the Aerodynamic Sports Saloon by the Rippon Brothers. This car was sold at The Amelia Island Auction 2012 by Gooding & Company for $275,000 and was described as “One of Only Two Built Featuring the Stunning Rippon Brothers Aerodynamic Coachwork.”

Andrew W.J. Davidson of Bolton, Ontario, Canada brought along this 1936 Bentley 4¼ Litre J. Gurney Nutting Pillarless Coupé B180JD which was restored by Martin P. Beer of C.M.C. Enterprises who is the Morgan dealer for Canada!

The cars of Bruce McLaren were celebrated with a massive display of Can-Am cars. Bruce never saw or raced this car, he died testing its predecessor and afterward became famous for the quote “life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

In 2013, McLaren revealed a 50th-anniversary MP4-12C Spider produced in just 50 examples. 600 bhp @ 7000 rpm. Carbon Fiber Monocoque. £215,500!

The cars of Zagato were celebrated and included this Aston Martin DB4 with a racing body by Carrozzeria Zagato. Despite hiring out the Italians for a lightweight body, the Aston still could not beat the Ferrari 250 SWB. Beside it is the 2003 Zagato Styling Buck used to make the Aston Martin DB7 Zagato.

Let’s finish with our good friend Ed Jelinik’s 1947 Jaguar Mk IV with a custom cabriolet body by Worblaufen. Many Swiss cars were completed with their own domestic body builders such as Worblaufen to avoid heavy import taxes. Ed restored this car with original hides from Switzerland and it is unique in many details from the production Mk IV.

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