Sold: 1969 MGB


1969 MGB

Original car with new paint.

Recovered seats in Vinyl.

Original Top in Excellent Quaility.

Show Quality Brightwork.

Chassis GHN4U/154024G

Maintained by Owen Automotive for an extensive period.


Restoration Fair

Today the Old English Car Club of BC held their annual Restoration Fair at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society. We spent considerable time getting the 1967 MGB GT ready for the show which looked spectacular thanks to Victoria Plating and Jetstream Custom Auto who helped the the project.

The day included four seminars, parts for sale and a laid-back park-where-you want car show.

E-Type Finished!

After a major refurbishment of the complete Jaguar drive-line, E-Type 1E32356 was done for the owner

Below are some pictures of the result. The interior and paint was handled by Jetstream Custom Auto and their work can be seen here:

And the final product:

Jaguar IRS

Aside from the engine, the second most time-consuming job is rebuilding the rear suspension. Housed in a single subframe are all the suspension bits: inboard brakes, wheel hubs, half shafts and coil overs. Unique to this setup is the twin-spring damper units which saved space and it also provided a more equal distribution of spring forces which may or may not have been nominal. Since work on the brakes and dampers is somewhat hindered, Jaguar chose packaging over maintenance with regard to the rear end.