Vredestein Sprint Classics on Sale

Among the top tires for vintage motoring are the Vredestein Sprint Classics manufactured in The Netherlands. They rival legendary tires such as the Michelin XWX/XAS, Dunlop R5/RS5 or Pirelli Cinturato without the inflated price (££££!)

Fortunately we are able to directly import from Vredestein USA and offer these tires at the US Retail rate with no additional duty or shipping.

These are coming from the distribution center in New Jersey and are some of the newest rubber available in these molds. No old warehouse stock.

Tires are available in the following sizes:

10 Inch
145 SR 10 68 S
13 Inch
6.40 SR 13 (7.00 SR 13) 87 S
205/60 VR 13 86 V
14 Inch
135 SR 14 70 S
165 HR 14 84 H
175 HR 14 88 H
185 HR 14 90 H
195/70 VR 14 91 V
205/70 VR 14 95 V
15 Inch
155 SR 15 82 S
165 HR 15 86 H
175/70 HR 15 86 H
185/70 HR 15 89 H
185 HR 15 91 H
205/70 VR 15 96 V
215/70 VR 15 98 W
235 VR 15 106 V
16 Inch
185 HR 16 93 H

Examples of Usage
MGB: 165HR14 84H
Austin Healey: 185/70HR15 89H
TR6 & Etype: 185HR15 91H

7 Comments to Vredestein Sprint Classics on Sale

  1. Jason says:

    Hello, I’m needing a set of 4
    175/70 HR 15 86 H could u quote me a price?
    Are these in stock, how long would they take to arrive?
    Also wondering if it’s possible to send them direct to Vancouver, or would I need to go to Sydney?
    What would the cost be if any to send to Vancouver? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello. I will get a full price list printed at the shop tomorrow. We broker the tires through the YYJ airport, thus they have to come through Sidney.

  2. Jay says:

    I’m looking for 185/70 HR 15 89 H what is the cost per tire?
    Is it possible to have them delivered to Vancouver?
    Thank You

  3. Graham Bennett says:

    Do you still have access to 195/70 14? If so, would it be possible to get a quote?


  4. John Barron says:

    I need a price on 4 155/13 vredstein sprint tires Thanks John B

  5. Ross Montani says:

    Hello to all at Owen, my name is Ross Montani and I’m in the market for new tires for my 62 bt7. The vredistiens sound like a good choice, I hope you can help me out with this? Currently have fourteen year old Michelin that are mint with 70% tread but left rear has major belt separation so time to replace all four. Please see what you can do for me and if you can supply I could nurse the car over to the island for mounting the new tires. Sincerely Ross.

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