Only Original Once, 40th XKE Coupe Found by Coys

UPDATE: Sold for £88,000! (~$141,600 USD or $147,900 CAD)

We highly encourage any of our customers to head over to England and buy this E-Type. We will let you be first in the cue for a full resto!

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Coys are proud to announce that they have unearthed a collection of cars from France including the 40th right-hand drive E-Type Coupe which will be on offer at their The Spirit of Motoring, Ascot sale on October 26th.

What’s more exciting about this offer is the fact that chassis 860040 is completely unrestored and retains the bulk of its original factory fit and finish.

Coys specialists found the car in France where it had been sitting in dry storage since July 1974! That storage may have been dry, but the moisture in the air was not kind to the iron which is now attempting to return back to its original rust state.

None-the-less, this Jag leaves the next owner with the tough decision on how far to take the refurbishment.

860040 sits among a 1966 Austin Mini Mk1 Super De Lux and 1971 MG B GT from the same collection in France. Image by Coys of Kensington.

In 1974 860040 was painted by its current owner from the original color scheme of Warwick Grey with Dark Blue interior to what he describes as Aubergine (Eggplant in French). Image by Coys of Kensington.

The Jag looks somewhat purposeful with its missing front bumper and painted on French license number. Image by Coys of Kensington

The RHD interior shows dilapidated, but entirely original door panels. Leather on the front seats shows a nice even patina. Image by Coys of Kensington.

View of the luggage area is not as pretty with obvious signs that the shelf floor was out and not stored properly. Spare tire cover sits is on top. Image by Coys of Kensington.

Engine bay shows the venerable 3.8 as somewhat grimey, corroded, but complete. Coys reports that the engine does turn over. Image by Coys of Kensington

Exhaust side does not look as good. Obvious signs of Type 1 corrosion that will need careful, loving attention.

A slightly out-of-focus shot depicts the original color for the early 3.8 cylinder head. Image by Coys of Kensington.

The original data tag has warped over time, but is in remarkably good condition. 860040 is generally the 40th E-type coupe produced. Image by Coys of Kensington.

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