2013 English Car Affair in the Park


Today was the English Car Affair in the Park hosted by the South Island Branch of the Old English Car Club  at the Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. This year was a central tribute to Morris which included many variants of the Morris Minor and other rarities.


This 1947 HRG from Duane Davis won it’s first race at Gransden Lodge Airfield in July of 1947. Davis has owned the car since 1971 and he says it is used regularly.

The human imagination had no bounds. This is a Chevrolet S10 chassis outfitted with an XK engine and every vintage aircraft gauge that could fit in.


This very rare Aston Martin V8 is what they call a cosmetic Vantage. That is it has the kicked up rear tail and other Vantage features but was not originally fitted with a Vantage-Spec engine. David Keen says it has since been fitted with one of the fastest V8s available.




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