Monthly Archiv: March, 2013

Federal XJ6C: From Rust to Gold

Cleaning. That’s basis for any cosmetic restoration and our XJ6C was no exception. This particular model is pretty heavily laden with an inordinate amount of pieces which make it even more time consuming than your average E-Type restoration.

With power steering, air conditioning, exhaust gas recirculation, secondary air injection and pneumatic climate control systems, the series 2 XJ6 should not restored on a whim.

To exemplify our argument, we present three corners of the engine bay with before and after photos. I don’t know what possessed the Jaguar engineers to use white butt connectors and clear slip on connectors, but they took considerable time to clean.

Whereever possible the original CAD-plated bolts were retained, as well as the clear harness holders, green washer lines, white braided wire sheathing and correct rubber. After we get the car back from the trimmer, we can reveal the engine bay in its entirety.

Jetstream: Aston Martin DB MkIII Assembly

Final Assembly is well underway with the Aston Martin DB MkIII over at Jetstream Custom Auto. The owner has opted to leave the bumpers off and go for a track-ready look, complete with fount-mounted spot lights. Almost the entire exterior of the car is complete with the dashboard and interior trimming left to install. Can’t wait to see and photograph this car on the road.