Monthly Archiv: May, 2015

Very first MG T-series prototype at VanDuesen


Colin Fitzgerald always brings out the best cars to Van Dusen and this year he showed the first production MG T-series car, a 1936 MG TA. This very car paved the way for the famous MG TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD and MG TF line of cars.

That means this is the first MG sportscar made after Morris took control of the marque and demanded a cheaper alternative to the expensive racing cars of MG’s earlier history. This also makes it the first MG to have a pushrod engine, hydraulic brakes and hydraulic dampers.

Unique to this car are 15-louvre hood panels, a different door shape, longer rear fenders and an early PB-Type dashboard. The chassis is number 251 which was the MG factories phone number at the time.

Spectacular 100M from VanDuesen


Among three Healey 100s that came from the Island for the VanDuesen show was this spectacular, restoration debut, 100M from owner Chris Yarrow.

This is what you could call a factory 100M which was shipped with competition features directly from the factory.

After subsequent purchase from the Daniel Doucette collection alongside a very original XK120, this 100M was restored by Rudi & Company with paint and body work by Coachwerks Automotive Restoration, chrome by Electroshine Metal Refinshers Ltd and upholstery by Tom Steger and Style’s Auto Upholstery.

Devil is in the details and Chris has gone to great lengths to get this car period correct.

SU Carbs 101

1967 Jaguar E-Type Intake

1967 Jaguar E-Type Intake

Ran across this SU Carburetor rundown on Facebook and it’s a great primer by Carl Heideman for Classic Motorsports:

Hot tip on tuning:

However, before the carbs are touched, ignition dwell and timing must first be correct. It’s a good idea to ensure valve clearances are correct as well. A quick check for vacuum leaks is next, and only once this is done is it time to move on to the carburetors.

2015 Van Dusen All British Field Meet


Called the “The Greatest Show On British Wheels” the All British Field Meet (ABFM) at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens is the crown jewel in BC’s classic car calendar.

Featured marques this year included Sixty years of MGA with over 60 examples on the field and TVR which filled the center-section of the Great Field.

We fell in love with Chris Yarrow’s freshly restored Austin Healey 100M restored by Rudi & Company and Colin Fizgerald’s 1936 MG TA which is serial number 1 of the MG TA midget series.

New BJ8 Restoration!


Today we can announce our latest restoration will be this lovely 1967 Austin Healey BJ8 which has been driven and loved by the same owner for 34 years!

The time has come to renew most the systems so the owner can continue to use it rain or shine with no worry.

The car has a striking patina, and original pieces under the newer coats of paint it has had over the years. The original interior and trunk upholstery wasn’t spared from a coat of white or two.

Earl Kagna has instructed us to strip the doors, remove the doors, then the windscreen so we can remove the front fenders and see what we are up against.

It’s just too much fun to check out the Vintage Colour Register book by Donald Pikovnik beforehand and imagine the possibilities!