Monthly Archiv: July, 2015

BJ8 Restoration: Part 3. In the bare metal for a brief moment.


It took a considerable amount of effort and time to get our Austin Healey 3000 completely stripped, so we are taking every step to make this a thorough chassis restoration.

So, we loaded it up on a very impressive rotisserie and send it to Todd at Fox Kustoms for media blasting who did a stellar job which was aided by a balanced setup.

With bare metal on our hands time was of the essence, it had to get protected immediately which meant a marathon epoxy prime which took three hours of continuous spray. This is probably the most intense chassis to prime/paint of all the British cars.

Today, sitting in a dark green hue of Valspar 999DTM, the Healey was finally towed by Sean at Sharky’s off to Stickler’s Speed Shop where inner, intermediate and outer sills will be completely replaced as well as a plethora of other work.

Jaguars On The Island 2015

Today was the 12th annual Jaguars On The Island 2015 hosted by the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria at the Windsor Park, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC.

This JCNA sanctioned event claims to be the largest of it’s kind in North America!

This year many fantastic cars showed up including a 1934 S.S.1 driven by Woody & Kyoko Wood was driven up from Marina, Washington. This car will be available for sale and you can reach the Wood’s at

E-Types were popular at this year’s event. They made up the bulk of show with 25 similar cars lined up. Towards the end of our gallery we have the immaculately prepared roadster from Brain Evers which was getting judged just as we arrived.