Coils: LA12 vs PBI Park

More anorak goodness!

Off our TF restoration project comes this PBI Park 12V coil that has at least been on it since a respray in the 1970s.

This is most likely a period replacement item as the unrestored, 5100 mile TF on The Original MG TF Miget site has the standard Lucas LA12 which we would expect. LA12 was the standard 12V coil of the period that came on cars like the MG TF, Austin Healey Sprite, early Triumph TR, Morris Minor and Mini Cooper. These are dated on the bottom and the faint 66 on the MSI probably indicates year of manufacture.

Now this MSI Park unit is somewhat of a peculiarity, so we have taken liberties to clean and reuse it. Even the decal mimicks the LA12 look and feel.

Any attempt to search MSI Park 12V coil have drawn a blank on internet search, so maybe someone else out there might have some information?

It is pictured here on the right next to the perfunctory Lucas LA12. There are noticeable departures with the replica piece.

PBI Park vs Lucas LA12 Coil




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