E-Type 885307 Found

Owen Automotive is excited to share the discovery and purchase of 1962 Jaguar E-Type FHC chassis 885307 from a barn in Surrey BC, CANADA. It has not been seen since long-term storage starting in 1976.

This is an important discovery for early E-Type Coupes as this is the the 307th LHD Coupe of only 500 with the early design features such as welded-in hood louvres and a flat floor.

Furthermore this car is fully matching numbers with its original and rebuilt engine, cylinder head and all the date-coded components including the starter, generator, distributor, hydraulic master cylinders, washer motor and wiper motor.

This car was purchased in 1968 from Montreal and subsequently spent its life on the west coast of BC with Guy W. Newman of Newtronics Industries Ltd. audio and video systems. At his time it was fitted with an Eight-Track stereo and likely seen at Honey Bear’s Disco on 571 Seymour St in Vancouver BC.

We have purchased it in a state of disassembly and engine rebuild which began in 1976. That leaves us with the task of continuing the work to reunite engine R2938 with car. At one point the owner stored his engine in the master bedroom which might explain the white paint and chrome hardware.

More to come!

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  1. Richard,
    I have finally realised a lifelong dream and bought an etype. It’s a late 1963 3.8 fhc, LHD ex USA, which I am converting. Given your knowledge of these cars I will have a number of questions when it comes to converting my car to RHD. I hope it’s ok if I can tap in to your considerable knowledge on Etypes. I also had a 1958 xk150 by the way which I sold to buy the Etype. But that’s another story.
    My first question is, having watched your series on the gunmetal grey 1962 fhc when you refitted the centre console. I noted that that to do so you managed to get the handbrake lever nearly vertical. How did you do that? I really struggled to remove my. Centre console – I had to remove the gear-lever extension to do so I can’t work out how to get the handbrake lever high enough so that console clears the gear-lever extension.
    Regards Andrew Heywood

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