Federal XJ6C: New vs Old

As is with any restoration, new parts have to be considered over refurbishment. For the most part the new parts can be bolted on, but for the discerning owner reproduction parts just aren’t good enough.

Take for instance the Double ‘S’ Exhaust which was ordered for our Federal XJ6C. While superior in anti-corrosion benefits, the whole system was not made with the same care as the original XJ6 units.

Our argument is exemplified by the Double ‘S’ Exhaust tips compared the original unit on the right. The Double ‘S’ Exhaust on the left has some nasty bends and a rolled end which frankly looks cheap to the original stainless steel piece. Our recommendation for anyone considering a Double ‘S’ Exhaust on an XJ6 is to definitely save the original tips!

Next we can make a case for new parts with the ignition system and the highly popular Pertronix kit that replaces the breaker points with solid-state electronic logic. The performance benefits are minimal, but the maintenance-free system is a real bonus. Because the XJ6 used a complex Lucas 45D distributor with first generation Prince of Darkness electronic ignition, we opted to use an E-Type’s Lucas 22D distributor as recommended by Jaguar afficianto Malcom Ives.

After considerable consideration we have chosen to fit two SU HD8 carburettors in lieu of the Stromberg CD2s with their automatic water temperature-driven chokes. This will mean fitting a standard choke cable that will be manually operated from the cabin. The SUs will be used in combination with the Federal intake manifold with water chambers making this car somewhat of a Euro/Federal Hybrid. The Original SU carburettors came from a Rover 2000.

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