In The Shop: German BJ8


We have had quite a few BJ8 Austin Healeys in the shop, but this on is distinctly different as it was delivered new to Germany.

It has numerous detail differences, the most notable being small behive signal lights where the North American federalized cars got the large plastic lights. This is possible with BJ7 fenders and a completely different front shroud with small light beds that would be very difficult to replace.

Other detail differences include rear BJ7 fenders with behives where the reflectors normally are, fitted steering lock, hexagonal wheel nuts and a slightly revised chassis tag that lists the weights.

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  1. Ralph Roden says:

    I’m restoring a German BJ8 also but it’s missing the ID Austin chassis plate/tag. I’m looking at having it reproduced, as no one has ever seen one like it, but need a square-on photo for scanning. Can anyone help with this project? I can be contacted via email: cheers, Ralph Roden

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