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  1. Steve Freeman says:

    Hi Richard,
    Just a follow up on the XK150 Coupe rebuild. When I attended E-Type 60 here in the UK last weekend,I was able to take a picture of a rebuilt XK150 chassis showing the piping over the back axle. Would it be possible to send you that picture.
    Regards Steve Freeman


    Stumbled across your youtube rebuild of the Jag XK 150 engine. Love the work you guys do. Seeing your Father first tune the SU on that big inline six was magic. I owned a 1956 100M in 1967, ground up restoration and did some amatuer runs at Watkins Glen. Got married and needed money to build a house. I worked at Foreign Cars of Jamestown NY in the late 60s thru 70s. The Foreman was Diuilio Sauciuc he trained me to work on the big Jags and Healeys. He was a master. The owner Len Faulk was a collector and had Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Benz 300SLs and an AC Aceca we worked on for him.
    Well here I am a few years later and I was tracked down to restore a set of SUs for a collector. The usual, frozen jet bodies and some hamfisted guy bent one of the needles and broke the other one off in the piston.
    Would love to hear back from you guys.
    I still have the magic and loved watching your father make that Beast 6 banger sound like a tamed BIG Cat

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