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MG TF: Final Build 2

The pace of the MG TF project is increasing with each day.

Today we put a final coat of enamel on the 1250 engine which should be in the chassis in short order. This engine has had a major rebuilt with a new crane cam, a Moss Motors Crank Oil Seal Conversion Kit, new plugs, gaskets, the works. The color we use is a 1979 GMC hue called Dark Carmine with a Dupont number of 45827.

The red seats arrived from Style’s Auto Upholstery who fitted the Moss Motors Complete Leather Seat Assembly ($2,259.95 USD) on some original blasted and painted seat frames.

We have also been busy sourcing many original parts for the toolkit, including many from local aficionado Hugh Pite. Once the kit is done we will make an entire post on it.








MGTF: Test Fit 1

With many of the pieces now in primer, we are test fitting the major components with the new Hutson body tub. Hutson does not supply the firewall, so we had the peice carefully blasted and subsequently painted in white epoxy primer.

So far the fit looks spot on, but we have to assemble the radiator and hood to finalize the build.

Included is a shot of the chassis which reads TF5013. The car will be returned to its original color of Birch Grey with red interior.

MGTF: Body has landed

The British Motor Industry is quite well and alive. We have a brand new MG TF body to prove it.

Recently the Hutson Motor Company Limited sent us a nice gift in the mail and it will get our MG TF restoration up off the ground.

Huston have been making these ash-framed beauties since 1988 and I love M.A.Hutson’s philosophy: “We have never sought to compete on price with any of our products, a correctly manufactured component that fits without modification and works correctly will, from our experience in vehicle manufacture cost less by the time it is on the car than one that has been turned out to a budget.

Here is an incredible video of the build process:

1955 MG TF Teardown

With ambitious eyes we begin our third winter restoration. This MG TF was a long time gift that has remained in the same family for considerable time. The goal is to turn it into a showcar which will mean a complete frame up job.

Being the last of the T-series MGs this model still retains the wood frame central tub with sheetmetal overtop. MG certainly made a great leap when they went from this model to the MGA.

They certainly come apart fast. We are happy to report this a matching numbers car with an original wiring harness and no missing pieces.

Still attached to the front windscreen is an inspection sticker that was in BC required for all cars. This drive-through service is long gone but you still see the stickers every now and again. This car was inspected in October of 1982 and that is probably around the time it was last used.