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TR6 Complete: Part III

Finally we can present the entire Pimento Red TR6 painted in Dupont’s Imron Polyurethane Enamel that has a completely durable and classic look.

Featured are Vredestein’s popular Sprint Classic tires, Wheels powder coated by Professional Components Ltd, correct lenses from The Roadster Factory, an Everflex Softtop by Robbins, bumpers by Victoria Plating Ltd and a windsheild + install by Capital Glass just down the road.

TR6 Complete: Part II

We now move on the completed interior of our 1973 TR6.

Here we have a completely original dashboard with untouched wood, center console, crash pad, center switch pad. Continuing around the interior space, this TR6 still retains its original seat upholstery, original door panels and coverings for the rear panel.

New to the car is the carpet, speaker panels, everflex softtop by Robbins and webbing kit.

For the steering wheel, we sourced an original thin-wall wheel from a 1970-1972 car. This was sent to RX in Vancouver and recovered by the talented Marlene Falk Skowronski of Marlene’s Custom Creations. More about her great service to come!

Triumph TR6 Complete

Just got the Pimento Red TR6 out of storage for the final few pieces.

At the owner’s request we are assembling a book with every detail of the car.

Attached are some snaps under the hood from earlier today. Many of the new bits, well almost all of them, came from the roadster factory including the oem-style bottles, battery leads and ignition wires.

1973 TR6: Building it Up III

For the last few weeks our pimento red TR6 project has been coming along nicely.

The interior started with a new polycarbonate transmission tunnel, which is much more durable and strong than the original cardboard piece.

Having a great dashboard is essential for any top level car, and this TR6 is no exception. We carefully cleaned the gauges and including the glass both inside and out for the speed odometer and tachometer. Alongside an absolutely original wooden dashboard, original switch gear, and dash padding it’s a privilege to sit in this TR6.

Inside, we fit the wool carpet which was carefully installed with the original snap locations throughout the interior. Although it takes more time, using the snaps allows for later servicing and it has an absolutely original look.

1973 TR6: Building it Up III

After another week, the engine bay of the TR6 is nearly complete!

An important step included the decision to acid etch the carburetors to retain the original aluminum-alloy finish and texture which would be lost forever with blasting or painting. Afterward a light spray of oil made them look good enough for any concours in the world.

On Friday we also got our shipment from The Roadster Factory  which included some impressive lenses that included reflective edges only seen on the early cars.They also supplied items like the white washer/overflow bottles which would be impossible to clean to a new level.