Monthly Archiv: May, 2013

Jetstream: XK120 Roadster Part II

Work is well underway with the XK120 over at Jetstream Custom Auto. Jason fabricated new pieces for the front end and reskinned a door in aluminum.Here it is in primer getting ready for for more work by the talented Sean W to do his top coats.

Slauenwhite Healeys

John Slauenwhite was one of the predominant Healey collectors here on the peninsula. He came in the shop occasionally and kindly offered up any assistance for them. He was also part of a consortium with John Bumpass and Earl Kagna to supply Healey parts to the regional area.

Upon his passing away 10 years ago, both these exceptional Healeys were being restored by John. Now they are both reunited and ready for the road, at the same time and in the same shop.