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Jennifer Orum on


Last Friday one of our best customers, Jennifer Orum was featured in the driving section of the Vancouver Sun along with her 1970 MGB.

Journalist Alyn Edwards tells the story of her remarkable travels and reliability over 115,000 km.

She always credits having a good mechanic, which is paramount, but this feat also speaks volumes for the MGB as a usable car; far more usable than most of the expen$$$ive stuff that rolls in the shop.

Have a look here:

The Italian Job: Part 6

A little over two weeks into our E-Type reconstruction has yeilded some quick results.

Fitted is the complete exhaust and intake systems including the Porcelain-coated manifolds that distinguish this build from most.

Not pictured is the fabled reaction plate install which was accelerated by releasing all the tension on the arms and wiggling the four bolts through by hand.

What else can I say. Oh yea the complete rebuild of the hydraulic brake system took a little time too.