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Very first MG T-series prototype at VanDuesen


Colin Fitzgerald always brings out the best cars to Van Dusen and this year he showed the first production MG T-series car, a 1936 MG TA. This very car paved the way for the famous MG TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD and MG TF line of cars.

That means this is the first MG sportscar made after Morris took control of the marque and demanded a cheaper alternative to the expensive racing cars of MG’s earlier history. This also makes it the first MG to have a pushrod engine, hydraulic brakes and hydraulic dampers.

Unique to this car are 15-louvre hood panels, a different door shape, longer rear fenders and an early PB-Type dashboard. The chassis is number 251 which was the MG factories phone number at the time.