2 Comments to XK150 Restoration Begins

  1. Jorn van der veen says:

    Dear Richard,

    I love watching your jaguar stories and restauration on You tube.
    Last night i was watching the barnfind episodes with the three XK120’s
    Loved the aloy! Later i found this restauration blog, i thought you might like also.
    (This example did’nt have a hole in the radiator, did they make a mistake?)
    The work is stunning!!!

    Thank you for al the you tube episodes!
    Can’t wait to see the next one on the XK150!:)

    Greetings from the netherlands.


  2. Morris Barnett says:

    Just watched Part 5.
    You cannot fit triple carbs on a B cyl Head. Manifold Inlets do not match up with head.
    Rear of Tremec is too far to the left ??
    You do not need to remove the front damper to remove engine, just remove the two bolts on the Right side of the steering rack and move rack forward so pulley can clear crossmember.

    You need a Straight Port head.

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